What Is Sign Language: The Importance Of Sign Language

What is sign language? Is there a difference between sign language and body language? For instance, some would think how a deaf patient can communicate with dentist? Most dental surgeon in Sydney can communicate with this patient through sign language. If you are interested in knowing the answers to these questions, you have reached the right article. Here, we will talk about the importance of sign language and other key facts about this form of communication. 

What is Sign Language?

Sign language is a form of communication that uses hand movements, facial expressions, body posture, and other movements to “speak” to other people. This form of communication is mostly used by deaf people. Since conventional speaking requires the sense of hearing for people to learn how to speak, deaf people use sign language to communicate.

There are different types of sign language. Depending on where a person lives in the world, they can learn American, British or other forms of sign language. People who know sign language say that because of this, there is also an essence of having an “accent” when you communicate using sign language. Similar to a person speaking American English VS British English. 

The Importance of Sign Language

Sign language is an important communication tool that can help bridge barriers between people who can speak verbally and people who cannot. Here is a list of ways that sign language can be of importance to everyone.

Reduces frustration

It can be frustrating for deaf people if they are not able to properly communicate. Writing things down is effective, but extremely time-consuming. Sign language can help remove the language barrier between deaf people and the people they are “speaking” to.

Effective communication

It is an effective communication tool that can be used to convey not only what a person wants to say, but it also has non-verbal cues. A person who can understand sign language can also pick up on how a person is feeling by the way they speak using the language.

You can communicate with anyone

You do not have to be deaf to learn sign language. If you have friends or loved ones who are deaf, it is a good idea to learn to speak sign language yourself. If you learn how to speak sign language, you will be able to communicate with deaf people and people who can hear.

You will not be left in the dark about what the sign messages mean if you know who to speak sign as well. Learning sign language will not restrict you or keep you from joining in the conversation.

Sign Language Can Help You and Your Deaf Friends

There are many ways that sign language can enrich your life. Sign language is useful to deaf people, and for people who are unable to use the conventional way of speaking. However, it can also be of good use to people who can speak verbally. 

Just like any other spoken language, sign language is used to convey feelings, thoughts, and other information to the receiver. There are many variations of sign language, all of which help connect people and give everyone a chance to be heard. 

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