Our Mission

Our Mission

The Deaf Bilingual Coalition promotes the basic human right of all Deaf infants and young children to have access to language and cognitive development through American Sign Language (ASL).

Our Purpose

The main purpose of the Deaf Bilingual Coalition is to emphasize the importance of the social, emotional, linguistic, and cognitive aspects (of ASL) pertaining to early visual language acquisition for all Deaf infants and young children.

The secondary purpose is to make the general public aware of the prevalence of misconceptions and misinformation that devalues ASL.

Our Goals

The DBC is a community of Deaf and hearing people whose goals are to promote language acquisition, social justice, and quality education through the awareness of ASL and its excellence in cultivating the critical intellect of Deaf infants and young Deaf children.

The Deaf Bilingual Coalition will work to inform parents of Deaf children, guardians, teachers of the Deaf, doctors, audiologists, government officials, businesses, and other organizations on the importance of ASL in early language acquisition for all Deaf infants and young Deaf children.

DBC will work to spread awareness of the research that shows that ASL does make significant contribution to the development of literacy skills in both languages, ASL and English.

And lastly, DBC will work in collaboration with others to promote the respect for and understanding of ASL.