The Importance of Durable Medical Equipment

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Durable medical equipment refers to any medical equipment used in a home or out of the hospital setting to help a patient complete their daily activities and assist in their health care. It can be power-operated or manual equipment such as wheelchairs and hospital beds, depending on the needs of the person. Insurances can cover DME as long as it’s going to be used for medical purposes only. It is also important to equip every medical team with the proper tools to make sure that they can provide medical services anywhere, anytime.


Defining Durable Medical Equipment

In order to regard a tool as DME, there are several factors to consider which includes the following:

  • The equipment should have the ability to endure frequent use.
  • It serves a medical purpose.
  • It’s fit for home use, however, it can also be used in another setting outside the house.
  • It should be durable and can last for at least five years.
  • The DME should be prescribed by a health care provider.
  • The equipment should meet the specific needs of the patient to function normally.


List of Durable Medical Equipment

example tools of medical equipmentCompared to disposable medical supplies like gloves, facemasks, and protective gear, DME is considered to have a longer life-span. These equipment are mean to last for several years even though they are used regularly.

Here is a list of the most common durable medical equipment used in a home setting:

  1. hospital beds, pressure mattress, and lift beds
  2. crutches, canes, and wheelchairs
  3. bath chairs
  4. blood sugar monitor
  5. blood sugar test strips
  6. patient lifts
  7. suction pumps
  8. ventilators
  9. oxygen equipment
  10. prostheses
  11. traction equipment
  12. nebulizers
  13. scooters

Note that these are just the most common equipment used and there many other tools that can be considered as DME.


How to Purchase Durable Medical Equipment

Acquiring specific health care equipment requires several steps to follow. Unfortunately, medical equipment suppliers cannot just sell an apparatus without documents and permits from a doctor. If you wish to buy durable medical equipment, here are a few things to remember:

  • You must be able to present a certification from your health care provider to verify that the equipment will be used for personal agendas only.
  • The certificate must include the information of the patient, their current health status, the name of the equipment prescribed to them, and how this equipment can help the patient.
  • It must mention the purpose of the DME and if it will be used for a home-care facility.
  • After obtaining the document, you may proceed to buy the specified equipment from a trusted and registered seller.


Payment Options

certificate to purchase durable medical equipmentDurable medical equipment can be a bit pricey, but don’t worry because there are several ways to pay it without breaking the bank.

  1. Health plans. Medicare is one of the health plans that can cover at least 80% of the total amount of the equipment.
  2. Medical aids. There are plenty of programs to help people with low capacity to purchase equipment.
  3. Senior citizen benefits. Most of the time, veterans are offered huge discounts to purchase medicines and tools that can help aid their medical condition.
  4. Personal insurance. Insurance policies may differ and its ability to cover medical equipment will rely on the inclusions of the contract.

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