Month: November 2020

The Importance of Durable Medical Equipment

woman sitting in wheelchair

Durable medical equipment refers to any medical equipment used in a home or out of the hospital setting to help a patient complete their daily activities and assist in their health care. It can be power-operated or manual equipment such as wheelchairs and hospital beds, depending on the needs of the person. Insurances can cover DME as long as it’s going to be used for medical purposes only. It is also important to equip every medical team with the proper tools to make sure that they can provide medical services anywhere, anytime.

Explaining Teeth Scaling And Root Planing Effectiveness

Explaining Teeth Scaling And Root Planing Effectiveness

Are there any chances to prevent tooth decay and gum inflammation? No Gaps Dental clinics provide schedules and appointments for patients with different periodontal concerns. Significantly, many people may ask about teeth scaling and root planing effectiveness. At first, it may seem like a risky procedure, but the results of a root planing and scaling treatment may save your life. Secure your dental health by asking more questions about preparing for periodontal gum therapy from a specialist.