How Much Is A Tooth Cleaning? Is It Still Affordable?

how much is a tooth cleaning? Ask it from your dentist.

How much is a tooth cleaning? During this period, with various technological advancement, is it still affordable? Generally speaking, tooth cleaning is essential to everyone. It enables us to get rid of plaque and tartar buildup. Our teeth deserve the best dental service there can be.


Dental cleaning

In actuality, all of us need to have regular dental cleaning. It is an excellent way to prevent and treat gum disease. Aside from that, we can keep the optimal condition of our dental health. Alongside this condition is a brighter, white smile. There is no need to hide our teeth anymore.

During your appointment, you will be expecting your dentist to do the following on you relative to your dental cleaning.

  • Dental examination: Your dentist will confirm the overall condition of your mouth. In effect, they can check if there are signs of potential oral problems. Aside from that, doing this helps your dentist decide which area needs special polishing teeth as part of teeth cleaning procedure
  • Plaque and tartar removal: Your dentist might do scaling and root planing to remove plaque and tartar buildup in this part. This buildup causes the development of gum diseasen particular. Brushing and flossing alone cannot remove them entirely.
  • Toothpaste cleaning: The toothpaste during a dental cleaning can smell and taste like regular toothpaste. However, it contains a different consistency, which allows it to scrub away the left tartar gently.
  • Polishing and flossing: After completing plaque and tartar removal, your dentist will polish your teeth to remove stains. Additionally, they also do flossing to remove the remaining plaque and paste. Afterwards, you will be rinsing your mouth using a liquid fluoride.
  • Fluoride treatment: This step is the last thing that your dentist will do. It will serve as your teeth’ protection against cavities.

On the other hand, your dentist might also consider a root canal if necessary. Root canal addresses tooth decay that already reached the tooth’s pulp. After a dental cleaning, your dentist ensures that you are free from gum disease.


How much is a tooth cleaning?

As you can see from the information above, various activities are happening when you undergo a dental cleaning. So, in actuality, how much is a tooth cleaning? Will the health insurance cover your expenses for this dental procedure?

Aside from the activities above, several variables can affect the overall costing of tooth cleaning. These variables can increase the price you have to pay for the entire dental procedure, such as:

  • Dental clinic’s location
  • Type of cleaning
  • Anesthesia
  • Prescription

Overall, we can say that the cost of dental cleaning will not be the same for everyone. Aside from that, the price can also change if you have health insurance or not. Without insurance, the cost of tooth-cleaning can range between $75 up to $400.

On the other hand, if you have health insurance, the price can be lower. It can even shoulder all of your teeth cleaning expenses as long as they fall within the package they offer. However, you have to check every detail with your health insurance provider. This way, you can manage your budget if you need to pay an extra amount.

Meanwhile, there are other options where you can save money for teeth cleaning. The following offers dental care treatment at an affordable cost:

Dental care is essential to keep our overall health in its best condition as well. For this reason, we have to include regular dental cleaning as part of our budgeting. Additionally, you may also consider watching the video below for additional details about teeth cleaning costs.


Benefits of teeth cleaning

Regardless of how much is a tooth cleaning may cost, the bottom line is we need it. Here are the benefits that you can gain with regularly undergoing teeth cleaning procedure at least twice a year.

  • The most typical reason is to help you prevent cavities. Teeth cleaning is more cost-effective in comparison to getting a tooth filling.
  • Another benefit is you can prevent the risk of developing periodontal disease. If this condition becomes severe, it can lead to potential tooth loss.
  • Regular tooth cleaning helps control the bacteria present inside your mouth. In effect, you can prevent having bad breath. Instead, it will stay fresh and odour-free.
  • Furthermore, you can save money by having tooth cleaning rather than undergoing other restorative dental procedures, like the ones described at
  • Moreover, regular teeth cleanings help maintain whiter, brighter teeth. Your teeth will have fewer stains and lesser plaque and tartar.
  • Overall, your overall health will stay at its most satisfactory condition. It is essential to keep in mind that dental health has a significant impact on overall health.

If you would think about it deeply, which cost should you get yourself into? With these benefits, wouldn’t you choose teeth cleaning over the other procedures, which can be a lot expensive?



a happy family with healthy teethGenerally speaking, not all of us can afford to maintain dental care. However, we should think about the vital role dental care plays for our health. Teeth cleaning is one of these dental care procedures that we need. For this reason, we can try looking for ways or opportunities for us to have a grip on our dental care.

Dental care is one of the health routines we should keep if we want to enjoy life. A life free of oral problems is a life full of happiness. Furthermore, we’ll get to spend it well with our loved ones. An example of this is smiling and laughing together.

Teeth cleaning cost might be expensive at first. However, if we take care of our teeth properly, it will be less pricey in actuality. An excellent condition of teeth means less necessity for other dental procedures.

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