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Facial Expression Chart: Understanding Non-Verbal Language

various facial expressions

Human facial expressions convey various types of meaning in different contexts. Understanding a facial expression chart may help improve our non-verbal communication. When you are happy, people around you can quickly tell in your face. Indeed, you wear a smile since it is a universal language of happiness. Also, your teeth may affect your confidence in expressing yourself. So, if you have trouble showing off your smile, go to Available Dental Care’s clinic in Campbelltown to improve the way you express yourself. In that, people can easily recognize if you are happy, sad, or surprised. Furthermore, keep reading to learn more about the different ways to interpret body language and facial expressions.

How To Properly Clean Ears: Important Tips For Good Hearing

pointing ear

There are many conventional ways to clean ears. Some people prefer to use cotton swabs, while others are avid fans of ear candles. Some people do not prefer to clean their ears at all. But did you know that our ears can clean themselves? Ears don’t even need extra cleaning at all. You only need to clean your ears to remove the excess earwax from the outer ear canals. To avoid complications, it’s essential to know how to properly clean ears. If you have ear problems, it would be wiser to visit an experienced doctor.

Nasal Spray For Dry Nose: How To Make A Nasal Spray At Home?

a nasal spray for dry nose

If you have a dry nose, the nasal spray can help alleviate the symptoms. You can purchase it over the counter. However, you can also make a nasal spray for a dry nose at home. This technique will moisten your dry nasal passages. If you have persistent dryness on the nose or nasal congestion, getting nasal surgery may help keep your nose healthy.

What Do You Need To Know About Breast Lump Removal?

massage chest near the breasts

It is essential to know that a lump is not always an indication of breast cancer. However, hearing a breast lump can be frightening and encourage you to get a breast lump removal. There are different reasons why a lump can develop, and if a person needs treatment, doctors may recommend surgery known as a lumpectomy. Moreover, this procedure helps the patient to have a more natural-looking breast implant.

Trouble Breathing Through Nose

a girl experiencing difficulty in breathing through the nose

Are you having trouble breathing through your nose? Have you found out what brings you breathing difficulty? Several causes can be factors why you are experiencing difficulty breathing. It could be because of nasal obstruction, or chronic sinusitis, or probably a nose injury. In case there is an injury, you might be needing to undergo nasal surgery. At Refine Clinic there are experienced surgeons to take care of you. However, let us find out more information about why this difficulty breathing happens or can happen.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Motor-Speech Disorders?

check up for speech disorder

Motor-speech disorders are basically speech disorders that are directly linked to an individual’s motor control of muscles that are essential in speech (speech movements). Usually, this disorder affects people with damages to their neurological system. Most cases can be genetically inherited and gradually develop over time. DDSS’ clinic located in Sydney CBD offers different kinds of therapy for people with motor-speech disorders.